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Christine DeCamp: 5 Views of Women and Nature

Woman Incubating in Fish


Birth of a Moth

Oxum Queen of the Waters


Lady of Shalott in boat

Lady of Shalott

In her artist statement, Christine DeCamp writes: I am both a painter and a potter. My paintings have been described as “visionary” and “magical realism”. The images come from a feminine viewpoint and tell stories about the relationships between women and creatures in nature. These pieces are created in gouache and watercolor on paper, or they are acrylic on canvas–often with mixed media additions such as beading and collage. My current clay work is functional, handbuilt and handpainted pieces. I am using slab construction, fired to cone 5. Some pieces are painted with slips and oxides and carved–others are painted with layers of glazes and wax resists. The imagery is based on flora and fauna.

DeCamp’s full collection of artwork can be viewed on her website: Christine DeCamp Fine Art, www.christinedecamp.com. Notes on her process posted here: www.passionforpainting.blogspot.com.

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