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Under the Northern Lights

A Play in One Act

by John Ladd


(In Order of Appearance)






A motel room.  It is divided into an ante-room, that is at center-stage, and the bedroom that is, conceptually, off beyond stage-right.  The ante-room has the usual amenities including a table with two chairs as well as one particularly special feature- and is one that the audience cannot see– a north-facing, one-way glass wall and ceiling both of which are covered by imaginary drapes on imaginary drawstrings.


            Enter from stage left JIM and MARIE at the door to their room.  JIM unlocks the door, reaches in and turns on the lights (the house lights come up.)  JIM and MARIE enter the ante-room carrying and pulling their travel luggage.


                  (entering the room)

            Well, here we are.

                         [MARIE follows JIM into the room.]


                        (sitting down, exhausted)

            I can’t believe we’re finally here.

                         [JIM puts the luggage down and, similarly exhausted,

                        sits down in the other chair.]


            I know- I didn’t think that it would take this long.


            So, we’re in Anchorage.


            No Fairbanks.


            That’s right, Fairbanks.  And, what is so special about Fairbanks?


            You don’t remember?


            Jim, honey- I know why we’re here, but, specifically- there’ve been so many

            places for so many unique reasons.


            It’s the northern lights- that’s why we’re here.  They’re said to be a powerful

            fertility aid.


            I see- that’s right- I’m sorry, I forgot.  I’m just hungry, thirsty and tired. Continue reading ‘Under the Northern Lights’

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