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We’re expanding our offerings! Our focus is two-fold, to offer writing courses and a mentorship program for writing moms.

generic ambien 10mg

Those of us who have come through those early years of sleepless nights and phantom manuscripts know that the most empowering support for maintaining a vision of wholeness and possibility when it comes to the dual role of motherhood and writing comes via the solace of the words and direct experiences of those who have gone down the path ahead of us.

Join a community of actively writing mothers sharing similar life transition challenges and a simultaneous love of words. Participants will maintain a connection to their dual focus of rearing children and writing, finding here at Mother, Writer, Mentor a place to share the layers of their experiences with one another in a closed, safe writing community full of members aspiring to write to the degree they are able while mothering.

P.S. The title is, and many of the course offerings will be specific to motherhood topics, but other courses will focus on general parenting topics and we welcome men, even for the classes with specific “motherhood” topics.

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