The Second Night

by Nancy Adams-Cogan

in silent darkness
hours before dawn I am
warmed by your tiny body
needing warmth and comfort
newly stranded on this strange
demanding shore,

and I am glad to be
holding you close to
my grandmother heart
close to my heart’s deep
beating for you as
I am also held
close within the circle
of my father’s rocking chair.

Grandchild, you rest
enclosed in all of us;
your mother rests,
alone for this brief space
in her new life with you.

Rocking through soundless hours
we float as one in light reflected,
street lumination moving in
to play across the wall,
the changing lights of moon,
yard lamp, passing cars,
then dawn;

We float
in timelessness,
in extended family ecstasy
until the light of a new day
slides in.

These heartbeats
are my portion
of your coming.
Blessed be.


Nancy Adams-Cogan is the mother of six children, grandmother of twelve. She once dreamed of teaching Shakespeare. Instead, she worked as a mom, a community volunteer, a language and speech clinician for Head Start, and as a hospital chaplain for both general and geriatric care. Observing others through their life stages and crises gives her material to write. At 73, she finally has time for writing–and writing groups. Some time for Shakespeare, too.

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