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Got a story to tell? 
For Real Mama Stories: on New Motherhood, I am seeking mothers interested in contributing a story or essay about their experience of new motherhood (recent or reflective).  This collection will include a range of stories – funny tales, reflective pieces, thought-provoking rants– but above all, real stuff. Stories should be authentic, honest, and be based on real experiences of the ride of motherhood.
At this point, the following are working themes for the book, though themes may be added or removed depending on stories received.
    * Birth – labour stories, reflections on birth, unmet expectations of labour, celebrations of birth, etc.
    * Afterbirth – the heaven and hell of bringing baby home, breastfeeding (or not), post-partum feelings, learning to parent, other people’s advice and reactions, etc.
    * Redefining Relationships – with your spouse, your kids, your family, your in-laws, the grandparents; the negotiations, assumptions, spoken and unspoken conflicts, asking for help or receiving unasked for help, etc.
    * The Push and Pull – juggling priorities, attempting to take care of self and baby, being pulled in multiple directions,  managing work and child care, trying to find balance, etc.
    * Recovering Identity – determining who you are again now that motherhood is part of your identity, revisiting old desires/hobbies/people, exploring new paths, returning to work, self-care, etc.
Submission Guidelines
    * All submissions must be from self-identified mothers, and of previously unpublished work (blog okay)
    * Word count: 750-2500 words
    * Deadline: November 15, 2009 (early submissions appreciated). Depending on volume of submissions, all stories may not be able to be included but all will receive a response before the end of the year.
    * No financial remuneration is possible at this point– just the satisfaction of being part of something new that celebrates and bears witness to our new motherhood experiences.
To submit:
   1. Place your story in the text of an email message (do not send attachments).
   2. Be sure to include your full name, contact information (name, phone, email, city), and a bit about yourself in the email
   3. Email to realmamastories (at) gmail [dot] com
Questions or queries?
Queries and questions prior to submission are welcome.
Email realmamastories (at) gmail [dot] com
Copyright 2009 Liesl Jurock

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