Monthly Archive for June, 2009

Sterile Fields by Karen Carr

Please check out our amazing new story on heartbreak and loss, miscarriage, c-section, birth, post-partum depression, “Sterile Fields” by Karen Carr. Feel free to comment here!

….They had wheeled her in here hours ago-hours ago, when she had told them it was time. They had wheeled her into this green tiled room, pushed her into the cold metal stirrups, pushed her legs apart, pushed their fingers up into her, and decided that it was not time to stop that pushing. Now, in the same room, they stood above her, all wearing green tile-matching masks, muttering in voices that seemed to her like voices on a long distance phone line. They stood around her in a semicircle, her body underneath their eyes, laid out flat-sacrificial. She saw the man who she recognized by his glasses and the red, broken-blood-vesselled nose. He smiled through his mask and put his hand on her shoulder…..MORE HERE…

What Happens in Grade 2 by Jennifer Schalliol

Check out our latest poem by Jennifer Schialliol on what a 7 year old boy thinks about miscarriage. Please comment here.

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