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The Second Night

In “The Second Night,” Nancy Adams-Cogan welcomes a new grandchild into the family. Please comment here.

Surrogacy motherhood and class issues

“Infertility is a complicated issue, and how women deal with it is fraught with a whole series of social justice implications. Reproductive rights certainly extend to the right to have children, and yet many women with fertility issues find themselves marginalized and ignored. Infertility afflicts women of all classes, but IVF is incredibly expensive, and often requires out-of-pocket payment, making it inaccessible for many women…” From Feministe’s current blog posting, “Wombs for Rent,” that discusses the class issues involved in surrogate motherhood.


In “Waiting,” Ann Angel tells the story of her daughter giving birth and placing her new baby daughter for adoption. Please comment here.

Your Birth on TV?

I found this on a birth center’s website….

My name is Zach Marion and I work at Video Arts Studios in Fargo, North Dakota. We produced the series House of Babies for the Discovery Health Network. Under the guidance of master midwife, Shari Daniels, at the Miami Maternity Center, the show follows couples during their pregnancy and ends with the delivery of their baby. It was very instrumental in raising awareness about non-clinical birthing practices on a national level. Continue reading ‘Your Birth on TV?’

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